Monday, 5 September 2011

Saving my cat!

On 1 fine sunny day I was riding my skate board like a maniac down the street dogging old ladies, cats and dogs trying to make it home in time to save dog I don't want my poor kitty cat to die in a tree, I have to save her, when I got home cat was barking at dog in the tree.

I finally got dog to come down and inside, I made myself a nice hot chocolate with extra large yummy wummy marshmallows. I was out of breath and I need of a big hug that's when dog came over and sat on my lap she started purring like a motor bike then cat came over and gave me a big slobbery lick up my leg I laughed and said "yuck cat you licked me like it was your job"

I took cat out for a walk after my yummy hot chocolate dog wanted to come as well but I didn't have a leash for her, I told her to stay home and watch kitty crunch the movie, dog purred angrily at me and stormed of to watch the movie.

When cat and I got back from our walk dog was sitting on the couch watching kitty crunch but he was only a little bit through the movie and when I looked round I saw a huge divarinse and the room was tidy it was tiydyer than ever and then I gave dog a cat treat and went to watch the movie with him.

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