Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Finding Santa!

In my country people don’t celebrate Christmas including my parents all the children here are told that he is not true and they believe them but I don’t believe my parent’s. My cousin gets presents from Santa every year but this year on Christmas night I am going to go searching for Santa. People say Santa lives all the way out at the north pole but how do the now if they all don’t believe him I mean how far could it really be the world isn’t that big well I don’t Achilly now I’ve never took 1 step outside the country gates.
It is the night before Christmas and everyone was doing nothing even me but then I had an idea I could do the trip tonight if mean at least start tonight but I have to come up with a plan to trick mum and dad. I could just tell mum and dad that I’m going to see Santa they won’t believe me any way they don’t believe him so I go and tell mum and dad that I am going to go to find him of curse they just said whatever you can do what you won’t we don’t care. I thought that was awesome so I packed some supplies then I set of to be the first ever one to find Santa.
When I set of I thought about if Santa was really real and if he isn’t then this big trip is a waste of time. If Santa wasn’t real how would the would were my cousin lives get presents. But there was no time to waste so I carried on walking to find Santa, I past a lot of animals then I came into this very strange city called tri land I thought about the name and I had heard that word before it was something that my mother told me any way I carried on down the street of tri land and sore someone familiar he looked like uncle Jo who was in jail a couple of years ago.
I saw him running out the gate then he called my name but I did dent answer soon he went back in the gates so I saw my chance to run. I run down this big long twisty path then it came to an end I had run so far that I could not see anything behide me or in front of me I was lost in the middle of nowhere and had no map or a compass so I figured just to keep walking until I found a city or someone to talk to, to ask for directions. I walked about 6 meters and sore nothing but buses and grass I walked a bit more about 3 meters this time and I sore a HUGE city, it had tall buildings and liked like they were very rich.
I ran towards the town and sore about 2,000 people walking around the big town I asked a couple of people were Santa lived the just said the north pole so there really not handy then I ask this one person he said it was only about 10 meters from here and gave me a map he must be an expert on Santa or something because no one told me that before or given me a map to find Santa then he said you need really warm clothes because it is freezing at the north pole and if you see Santa get a photo but never show it to other people or Santa will get lots of people trying to see him and he is a busy man.
I told the man I did not have a camera and he gave me his camera I said thanks and carried on walking I looked at the map and it said to go north 8m then turn west for 10m then back north 14m and east 6m then I will be there. So I started to walk north 8m is a very long way and I still have over 29m to go so I decided to walk very slowly... then I finally turned west for 10m... then back north 14m and then the final turn 6m only a little walk but it felt like ages.
I finally made it to Santa’s house it was made out of ginger bread I walked inside and saw some elves working very hard then I walk to the very end of the little house and I saw SANTA it was him and his wife Mrs. clause I said hello and he smiled at me then he said hello, and Mrs. clause said she will go and make us a hot chocolate and Santa started to talk to me he ask me my name, I said locus and he said he had never saw a present for me I told him I live in a country that das not celebrate Christmas and he reached in to his pocket and he gave me a present and it had my name on it.
I opened the present and took out the present it was a funny cat that said I believe in Santa when you press a button, well I do but my family doesn’t. Santa ask me if I liked it well I just said yes and it was true because I had never got given a present in my whole live. Mrs Clause came back with our hot chocolate and we started drinking Mrs. Clause ask me how I found you then Santa asked me if it was a guy with a map and a camera?   I said yes and he told me that he was an elf and he had been set out to find me then he said that they were expecting me. I asked him how he now I was coming he said he was magic I didn’t believe him until he showed me a trick then I believed him. I finished my hot chocolate and thought I better leave to go back home now and I said bye and thanks for the present and the hot chocolate and waved bye then I walked off in joy.
I read the map the other way and got home really quick and I also didn’t see .Uncle Jo maybe he got put back in jail again. When I got home I ran into mum and dad then I showed them my present they thought I was joking and that I just picked it up off the street but I did not care because I knew that Santa was real because I had seen him before so yes anyway the rest of the holidays was Achill quit fun and my life is Achilly getting a little bit more exciting!
            By Kaitlyn Michelle!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Wow, this is so descriptive Kaitlyn and shows your ongoing learning and progress as a very good writer. You've made me believe!!
    You've thought of your audience and chosen words carefully so that they become involved in what you've written and want to read more - fantastic!
    I can't wait to read more of your wonderful writing. I hope you get many comments about this. :-)