Tuesday, 17 May 2011

My story!

What makes a kiwi a kiwi?

A New Zealander has lots of differences to other people in the world. A New Zealander was also born in New Zealand.

New Zealanders eat... Fish and chips, Chi

p and dip, T. Sauce, Pavalova, Kiwi fruit, and lots of other stuff. Kiwis wear Gumboots, Jandels, Sunnies, All black tops and lots of other things.

New Zealanders valve the enviroment, and families, their symbols are kiwis and other birds, some food and toys are their symbols as well.

A hero of a New Zealander is the all blacks and other people. On their houses they might have a deck and their roofs are normally made out of corragated iron.

That is just some of the stuff thats makes a kiwi a kiwi there is lots more though but that is all I have time for so, Bye

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