Thursday, 9 June 2011

skype party with Australia!

On wendsday the 8th of June the year 3, 4, 5, 6 children had a skype party with some australia kids and we made damper because damper is there cultures food that they like to eat. At the skype party we shared some NZ songs with them, the boys done the haka and the girls sang a song called mati mahi ka ora witch meant good luck. After we shared a bit of our culture they sang a song to us and shared some of there culture, After awhile of talking the skype went a bit funny and we had to keep hanning up then it got better and it was time to go, after the skype party all the class rooms lined up in there line for some damper the damper was so good it tased a little bit like scones. The skype party was so fun!!!!


  1. Great to hear that you enjoyed the skype Party, Kaitlyn. I liked the damper too. It was much nicer than I remembered when I made it at a camp, once.

    I'd love to read what you learnt about their culture. Was there anything new or exciting about their life over there?

  2. hi mr Herring yes there was new and exciting things that i learned they have a few different things to new zealand.