Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Young leaders trip 2011!

On monday and tuesday the Year 6s of myross bush school went to dunedin and listened to 5 people talking about lots of stuff and my favourite speaker was Dave he was really funny and he said that you should be a leader not a follower. After the confrence we went to the art gallery and looked at all the old photos and we even got to make our own pictures we had to fill up the paper with things that show our culture then we put indin ink over and we could smudge it if we wanted to then we put yellow dye around the edge after that we had to dry the ink then we put couler in the objects then dry and we where done. After the art gallery we went to the museum and heded to the discovery world part and we put our stuff up stairs then we got a couple of free play in discovery world and saw all the cool games and then we played a couple of activites with our leaders and they then got tea ready for us we had pizza and we were allowed 2 bits each at the start then we could go up and get seconds after the parents had had some. We also had some super then set up our beds down in discovery world. I did get some sleep but not much then we got up and done more activites in the afternoon we went swimming then we got lunch delivered to us it was a bag with a drink fude bun and a piece of fruit. On the bus rides it was really boring but it was fun when we got back.
The end!!!!!!! N


  1. Hi Kaitlyn,
    I really enjoyed reading your post on young leaders, it sounds like you really liked going to young leaders.
    What was your favourite part of the trip?
    From Ruby

  2. Hello ruby my favourite part of the trip was the swimming pool, what was yours?

  3. Wow Kaitlyn, I do wish that we could do it again my favourite part was swimming what about you?